Cafe Botanique, Wednesday, September 26, Gates Hall

(Iris by Sarah Homfray)

Painting with Needle – Silk Shading and its over 5,000 year history
Sarah Homfrey, Royal School of Needlework, Hampton Court, England

Silk Shading is a hand embroidery technique blending long and short stitches to create realistic pictures. It is hard to define the point of history at which it became the technique we know it as today. It was most likely first produced in China where fine embroidery was common during the Neolithic period and commercial silk production started in strict secrecy already around 250 B.C.E. Samples of similar type of embroidery were found in Coptic cemeteries in Egypt dating back to the 5th century B.C.E. Throughout its known history, silk shading has been used in emperor’s palaces and royal courts. Today, the technique is kept alive at the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court, England. Take this rare opportunity and learn more about the rich history of this unique art form and craft.

After a career as mechanical engineer, Sarah Homfray completed the Royal School of Needlework Apprenticeship in 2006 and currently teaches the RSN Apprentices and the Certificate and Diploma students, as well as undertakes freelance teaching and commissions. In addition to embroidery, Sarah has studied botanical illustration and printmaking. She believes strongly in observation and attention to detail, and her particular area of interest is embroidery design. Sarah holds a certificate in education from the University of Greenwich and has taught in the USA and Cyprus.

Sarah has been awarded numerous prizes for her embroidery and embroidery designs. She has published in magazines and has written RSN Essential Stitch Guide - Silk Shading (Search Press 2011). She also was part of the team of embroiderers who created the wedding dress, veil and shoes of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (née Middleton) in 2011. 

Wednesday, September 26
Denver Botanic Gardens – Gates Hall
6:30 – 8 p.m
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