Cafe Botanique, February 17, 2011 - Morrison Center

Primitive Paints of the Ancient Arts
By By Rebeccah J.W. Cope, M.S., Raleigh, NC

The presentation will explore the diverse sources of natural colors that are found in the world and the many ways that people have figured out how to use them to make dyes, inks and paints, as well as the great lengths that people have gone to in order to acquire beautiful and rare color pigments.  Color sources are just about everywhere; some are surprising and even alarming.  Natural colors can be found in animals, vegetables and minerals but not all of these sources can be utilized for human purposes such as for making paint.  Find out where natural colors come from, how we view them and what we can create from them. Help celebrate the amazing world of natural colors at a time of the year when there is little color left to see outdoors.

Rebeccah Cope is a program director for the Wake County Division of Parks, Recreation and Open Space in Raleigh, NC and is directly responsible for overseeing the programs, events and exhibits at Historic Yates Mill County Park and Crowder District Park.  As a full-time naturalist-educator and as a part-time artist, Rebeccah is interested in the diversity and sources of natural colors that are found in the world and how they can be utilized to create artistic masterpieces such as illuminated manuscripts and medieval paintings.
Thursday, February 17, 2011
Denver Botanic Gardens – Morrison Center
6:30 – 8 p.m.