Cafe Botanique, September 16, Morrison Center

Science of Measuring Humidity
By Bruce McDuffee, Vaisala Inc., Louisville, CO

We all know about humidity as we feel it change.  Our bodies are good hygrometers in that we can essentially measure humidity on a rough and large scale.  But wouldn't you like to know what the definition of humidity is?  How do the TV weathermen measure humidity with any accuracy?  What does dew point temperature mean and how could you apply it in your daily life?  Learn all this and more.

Bruce McDuffee is the Vaisala Marketing Director for the Americas and the Chief Humidity Instructor for Vaisala.  He teaches industry professionals and metrologists around the world about the theory and best practices in the measurement of humidity. Mr. McDuffee has much experience with helping customers in many industries to improve their measurement processes towards more reliable, accurate and repeatable humidity measurements.