Thursday, January 14, 2010

Each person is a nation unto himself, and what he does with that nation is up to him - Renaldo Kuhler

Rocaterrania - The Secret World of Renaldo Kuhler
A feature Lenght Documentary by Brett Ingram

Renaldo Kuhler is a scientific illustrator with a lifelong project: his own nation, Roccaterania. With the same detail he uses to record the scale patterns of snakes or the curves of microscopic bones, he has designed an alphabet, fashion, architecture, movie industry, and all the other possible details of his imaginary country.

Rocaterrania is a feature-length documentary journey into the secret world of 76-year-old Kuhler, a visionary artist who invented an imaginary country to survive his disaffected youth, and illustrated the nation’s history for six decades.

“Fantasy is like fruit and dessert, and reality is like meat and potatoes and green beans” -Kuhler

Formerly a journalist, physics teacher and electrical engineer on the Space Shuttle Main Engine Program, Brett Ingram has been making films since 1990. His short documentaries and animated films have screened at more than 150 festivals, winning 30 awards collectively.

Denver Botanic Gardens – Morrison Center

6:30 – 8 p.m.