Thursday November 1 - Morrison Center

Murder and Microscope (Forensic Botany)
By Jane Bock and David Norris, University of Colorado, Boulder

Jane Bock and David Norris have collaborated in forensic botany since 1987. Their work involves the fields of plant anatomy, plant taxonomy and plant ecology with the direct input of knowledge and expertise concerning the human digestive tract and other aspects of human physiology. Their primary and ongoing work has been with homicide cases in the US and elsewhere. Their work is featured in television productions and described in forensic literature.

Jane and David are members of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, the International Association of Identification and charter members of Necrosearch International. They also belong to the organizations appropriate to their specific scientific interests. Both have published extensively, Bock in ecology, and Norris in endocrinological literature, and jointly in forensics. Bock retired after 31 years from her department and now is Professor Emerita of Biology. Norris is an active Professor of Integrative Physiology at CU. Bock's PhD was obtained in botany at the University of California, Berkeley, while Norris's PhD was awarded in zoology at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Denver Botanic Gardens - Morrison Center
6:30 - 8 p.m.